Hymn of beauty resonates with the rhythm of life that is captured through my lens. The serenity of eternal beauty; the vibrato of mystical wind; the acapela of dreamy hues and textures; the percussions of ripples in the water; the lullaby of green mountains and the octaves of branches that brush with each other and a plethora of other musical qualities that speak and sing for themselves are the expressions of hymn of beauty.
With my visuals,I try to make the viewer to become a part of each one of them. Not to mention that the wink of eyes; the beats of heart; the screech of strides; the straps of fingers and the vocals of your laughter can be felt through the minutest pixels of my pictures. Get mesmerized and take a visual tour with the rhythms and rhymes of the Hymn of Beauty.
– Chinmay Macwan